Firm's Members

of Counsel

Admitted to practice in 1990.
Law Degree in 1987 at the University Luiss -Guido Carli, Rome.
Professor of Private Comparative Law at the University Luiss-Guido Carli, Rome.
Member of the National Commission for the Environmental Assessment EIA - SEA since 2008.
Member of the Italian Association of Comparative Law; Member of the Cercle des Comparatistes du Droit des Affaires et de la Finance.
Author of two books "Le società unipersonali nell'esperienza francese e comunitaria" (2001) and "Prevenzione della crisi e risanamento dell'impresa. Procedure di civil law e di common law" (2004), and of essays, articles, entries in Law Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias and notes in the field of Italian, European and International Business Law and of Private Comparative Law.
Currently involved in issues of Corporation and International Commercial Law, responsible for assistance in the negotiation of contracts with Italian and international entities.

Languages : Italian, English, French.